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At Gregory Psychological Services we serve area children, adolescents, and adults with acute and chronic mental illness and/or legal situations, couples, parents of children with oppositional behavioral disorders, and most other areas of psychology across all age ranges from 2-100. This encompasses assessment and treatment.

We specialize in legal issues pertaining to mental health. We do parental capacity focused full psychological evaluations for use in legal arenas that encompass psychiatric and psychological conditions, consulting with law enforcement, education, and medical services. Another area of extensive practice is the preparation of risk assessments of all kinds used for court or to inform treatment. 

We have extensive experience working with social service agencies, child protection, attorneys, and probation/parole.



Dr. Jeff Gregory is a licensed clinical psychologist with special interest in the assessment of family situations in which recommendations are required in order for children to stay with their parents. 

Gregory Psychology Solutions/Jeffrey C. Gregory Ph.D. PC
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